Combined with our commitment to the utilisation of new technology to maximise efficiency and improve the quality of our service we are well equipped to address the rigorous challenges of today’s profession with a proven record for delivery and an enthusiasm to progress.

As an industry front-runner in the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for several years, Yeoman McAllister Architects fully utilize the capabilities on offer. First and foremost, working within a 3D environment informs the design process like never before. No junction or detail can be left untouched, with the investigative possibilities near endless. Additionally, the automation of processes such as scheduling and drawing creation really frees designers time and priorities.  BIM enables a much higher degree of analysis and therefore accuracy between structural, servicing, and architectural models.

Further to the 4D capabilities of the reporting software, the process also results in visualisation ready models for use in the planning and design process right through to the production of marketing material and media.

For further information on our full b.i.m and visualisation services please contact us for a chat and a brochure.

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